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Rome Hostels

Rome has over 100 hostels and budget accommodations. With so many options it becomes difficult to select the right place to stay. In fact, many hostels in Rome require a minimum stay of at least 2 nights. The typical backpacker approach of, “I’ll stay one night, if I don’t like it, I can find another hostel,” doesn’t work with Rome. Rome is an old, ancient city, in which every square foot is priceless. Keep in mind that most hostels and budget accommodations will be in old buildings and space is in short supply. Rome hostels tend to be small.

Selecting your Rome Hostel:

  • How far is the hostel from a metro station? What is in walking distance?
  • Are the bathrooms unisex? Will I have a hot shower?
  • How big is the kitchen? How many individuals share that same kitchen?
  • What are the amenities? Is there a place to hang wet clothes to dry?
  • What type of security is offered? 24-hour front desk? Lockers?

These are great questions to ask before committing yourself to a hostel.

A big part of finding a hostel in Rome, is knowing where you want to be in the city and what you want in a hostel (Internet access, a girls only room, a community room, etc). Some locations are amazing, while others lead to nights you don’t want to remember. Reading online reviews can be helpful. Try hostels, hostelbookers, hostelworld and hostelz. The reviews can be less accurate than we wish they were, because everyone has a unique experience. At the same time, these websites provide information on location and nightly rates. Sometimes it costs extra money to book through one of these sites. See if the hostel has their own website. The hostel booking websites are a good place to start.

Other than that, travel is about risk! Know what you want to do in Rome and then decide where you want to stay, and book it! If you are really adventurous, find a hostel when you arrive. However, in the high season (Mid-May to early September) you might want to book ahead so you don’t sleep outside a Gelato shop near Trevi fountain.

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When we went to Rome in 2000, we stayed in a semi-private apartment with several rooms, shared kitchen and bathroom, and living room. It was ran by the Beehive (?) hostel. It was near the Termini (which we found out during the daytime). The taxi driver was a real sleazo ‘cuz he took us around the block several times before stopping at the apartment. No wonder the Pope is issuing leaflets to Rome taxi-drivers nowadays-to keep the tourist industry/transportation in Rome as honest as possible. I guess, the Roman taxi-drivers won’t be driven straight to heaven but around hell firstWink ha-ha-ha-if they keep the scam going.

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Sounds like a neat place to stay. Semi-private apartment, in a great location!

However, your taxi driver sounds like a Sleazo, as you said. Next time you catch a flight into Rome, I would avoid the taxis. You can take a quick train from the airport to the Termini, and it is a set, affordable rate, so you can’t be taken advantage of within your first hour in Rome.

Taking the train from the Airport to Termini, is great during the day. You can see some fun graffiti as you stop at various stations in between. Smile

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Has anyone stayed at Hostel Alessandro Palace and Bar in Rome??
it doesnt say if the rooms are single sex or not?

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Unfortunately I don’t know the answer to this but am wondering the same exact thing!!! I have seen good reviews on the beehive and also thought the Alessandro Palace/Downtown looked interesting. I hope someone answers your question for the both of us!! Wink

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Has anyone stayed at the Bavaria B&B via Santa Maria in Rome??