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Schengen Visa Question
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Hey all,

Just wanted some form of clarification on the Schengen Visa.

Now I’ve been working in London for a few months and as I am a teacher, I’ve taken some holidays over in Europe. The first being on the 16th Feb in france.

Now I just need a bit of information, some people have told me its 90 days straight up and others say the 90 out of 180.

I read the article that is on the site, but just wanted a bit of help in planning my summer trek.

I leave on the 12th June, and that gives me about a month around Spain and Portugal before going to Italy. Now, I am going to assume the schengen is 90 out of 180 then I will have to be out of the Schengen area on the 15th/16th, correct? From Say San Sebastian or Barcelona, would the easiest way to get out of the Schengen area be to go into Andorra? Or would it be easier to just get a flight back to London for a day or two, then fly to Italy?


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