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Solo American Goin to Europe
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Hi I’m a young American planning on movin to Europe for year or two. My hopes are to work under the table to fund my traveling. I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has worked and traveled abroad. I need basic questions answered such as, how much money do i need, is it gonna be difficult to find work under the table, where should i start… I’ve been bartending goin on five years and i speak a little spanish. Anything will help thanks to everyone who relies


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Same, i’m thinking about working while i travel. i do web development, so i can pretty much sustain myself online – i just would like to know more details about working while traveling europe as a whole, where can i work? how long can i stay in one hostel? etc.

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With a US passport (since first post said he’s American, and you’re adding on to the thread), you can generally enter western Europe for strictly touristic purposes for up to 90 days total at a time, UK up to 180 days total, and other countries—mostly the eastern countries not yet in EU or in the Schengen Border agreement—can vary from 30 days and up.

Technically, if you intend to work, then you can not enter on a tourist visa; you are supposed to have a pre-arranged work visa before departure to the country. The procedures can be cumbersome and expensive—and take months. Generally, you have to have a company in the country hire you, and that means they vouch for your very specialized skill that can not be filled from EU labor pool; also, language proficiency where necessary. Sorry to say, but web development generally is not specialised enough to qualify for a work visa. If you were a petrochemical engineer, then you’d have a lot more possibilities, for example.

To enter as a tourist, you need proof of onward travel, and can be requested to show proof of lodging, sufficient means to support yourself, and insurance for the duration of your stay. Check the “nifty visa checking tool” link pinned to the top of our Cheap Flights forum.

How will you be paid while overseas? Paypal? Cash? To which country will you pay tax? Where you physically perform the work is usually the deciding factor on where the tax is supposed to be paid. Be sure to hire a good expat tax accountant who can handle your employers taxes, social benefits taxes, VAT on clients, etc. They don’t come cheap, but can save you a bundle, and a lot of hassles, in the long run.

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working while traveling Europe is great. you wont have any problems as long as you provide the needed papers that British govt requires you. as for a job, lots of work are just waiting for you in Europe. long as you speak many languages the better, you’ll be fine