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HI Everyone,
I just wanted to throw a packing tip out there. I travel quite frequently, often for extended periods of time, and to various regions in a given trip, so packing (though it should be mastered by now) is an issue for me. For example, in one summer trip I can go from Norway to Spain, so packing can be tricky (the north can get COLD even in summer, so you need long sleeves and such, the south, is hot as HELL during summer so you will want to be naked). Obviously everyone says that layering gear is essential, as well as packing basic staples and lightweight gear. But I am a female who tends to overpack and pack for a million “what-ifs”, and like to have some variety in my wardrobe. So, the most important packing essential is the SPACE BAG. I am sure you have seen these on TV or in the store, but surprisingly, I have not come across anyone who uses them and I am not sure why. These things are amazing. You do not need a vacuum for the travel size ones, as all you need to do is stuff, zip, and roll them. The reverse valve squeezes out the air so that your clothes become compressed. I have gotten an enormous amount of clothing and gear into a small backpack and am so glad I discovered these things. The two downsides are 1) this will usually still cause you to overpack since you have more room, but then your bag can get super heavy and annoying to carry (take it form me, I have done this, and budget airlines charge you A LOT for going over the weight limit), and 2) these bags though pretty durable, can pop, tear, or puncture, and thus not being able to squeeze air out and compress, so then mid-trip you can be stuck with a packing situation. That is why is it good to pack an extra one. I am telling you, packing will never be the same once you use these babies.
Happy travels.

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Couldn’t agree more, funkyj!

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your a genius !!!

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Various size good quality ziploc type bags which come in various sizes, usually for freezing vegetables etc can also be used though are not as effective on the vacuum side.
They keep clothes flat, it is easy to see an individual article. I pack my stuff in individual bags, underwear in smaller bags. Keeps out the damp while hiking and clothes flat and neat pack better. Very handy if having to repack quickly if customs decide they want to look at the contents of your luggage, Trying to bundle loose clothing back into luggage is messy.

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This is a big problem that we all have.. me and my wife always argue about packing!Very nice post! Regards from spam removed

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I like you!your a genius
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I find that the Ziplock bags work just fine. Sit on them to squeeze out all the air, works just as good as the space bags but cheaper and just as durable!

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Thanks for the information… appreciated… been reading for awhile, and just wanted to let you know I continue to enjoy your writing
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