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suggestions on airfare for cruise and visit to Germany
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Ok, looking for suggestions on the best way to look at doing the following. We hope to do a cruise leaving from Amsterdam on July 21, 2012 and it ends July 25 in Copenhagen. We live in Ohio. While we are over there, we had a German exchange student so we would like to go to Germany to see her. Closest airport for her is Stuttgart but if necessary could do Munich or Frankfurt. Would like to leave for home to Columbus or Cleveland ohio around Aug 4th. Not sure whether to look at sale roundtrip to Germany(and when is a good time to start watching for that), or one way trips home to Amsterdam, Copenhagen to Germany and then Germany to home. Any suggestions on the best way to approach this. We are willing to be creative. If all else fails we may go to Dublin and not do cruise as i see flights now for 1050 but Germany flights are 1600. We really want to do cruise so we can see a Norwegian exchange student we had at one of the stops during the cruise. I know the budget airlines sometimes have great rates if booked ahead of time. I have until May1 to cancel my cruise and get my money back. What do you think?

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Fly to Stuttgart, and home from Copenhagen. Or the other way around. Kayak has a good multi-city search. Take train from Stuttgart to Amsterdam. It’s a long day on the train, but do-able. You’ll (most likely—depending on routing you ultimately choose) go through the Rhine River Valley, so consider breaking up train trip at Koblenz (or Koln or Dusseldorf).

You are going in peak season, from a non- gateway airport, so $1600 doesn’t seem out of the question. Summer sales are rare, and never as cheap as off-season sales. If you could get some mix of CPH, STR, AMS, DUS or OSL, for example, close to $1000, you’d be doing extremely well.

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