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Tips for Runners
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I am a 19 year old man, and am a huge runner that is planning on backpacking europe in june. I have a question for the people who have already backpacked through europe. If I needed to stash my big hiking pack somewhere during the day, to say maybe… go for a run – where would I put it?

Also, if your a runner as well who has toured europe… any other tips (like fun places to run) would be great!

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Just leave it back at the hostel would be the obvious answer, Some train or bus stations also have lockers or left luggage rooms.

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Options — in order starting with best:
1. Your hostel or hotel — You can usually store your pack even if you arrive before check-in time or need to leave your pack after check-out time
2. train station left luggage room or locker (3 to 5 euros)
3. Check room at museum or tourist attraction (usually free with admission ticket, sometimes there’s an extra charge)

I’d wear a money belt for cash, credit and debit cards and your passport.