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I just booked my tickets about 10 days ago and they said the flights into pamplona were really full. So if you are wanting to fly direct into pamplona you should make your reservations ASAP. I can help you with train and bus sites to make reservations once you are in spain. I do not do any travel reservations but can give you helpful advice of the best ways to try and get there. Most people fly into Madrid or Barcelona and then take the train or bus to pamplona. BUt if you do not have reservations before hand you will never get on the train, since everyone else is trying to do the same thing. It is approximately 5-6 hours by train or bus from either to pamplona.

As far as rooms go I have had 3 times the amount of people looking for accommodations as in the past years. I still have availablity at this time. All of my places are right in the center, and I have either seen them all myself or my friends that live in pamplona have checked them out for me. I still have a few rooms right on the run itself with an excellant view of the entire stretch of Estafeta. Don’t wait till the last moment, when all the places close to the center will be booked.

I have balcony spaces as well to watch the run from, enjoy watching from a balcony where you don’t have to wait in the crowds or chill of the morning. I have a couple of great locations along the run.

Also if you are wanting to camp you can make your reservations ahead of time since they fill up early and then you are stuck sleeping in the park (which by the way I do not advise)

The pickpockets are rampant in pamplona during San Fermin. And they are very good, so anything of value should be worn under your clothes and never in any pockets. Some of the guys staying with me last year had been pickpocketed in pamplona and I had to lend them train money to get to their next flight in Barcelona. They got there the night before their flight and the train staion closed for the night and they slept outside in front of the station, waiting for the next train to the airport in the morning. When they woke in the morning to get their train there pants had been slit with a knife and again all their money was taken.(this happened in Barcelona)

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the fiesta or you can take a look at my website www.pamplonaadventur…
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