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Travel Destination in Kerala- Kovalam
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Kerala looks beautiful throughout the year. In winter, the climate is pleasant. It is not very cold and hence travelers have a good time traveling during this season. In summer, sun lavishly spreads its rays on the lustrous water bodies of Kerala, which makes it look like a sheet of silver. During rainy, the monsoons wash the greenery of the state and give them a fresh and young look. There are many Kerala travel destinations which look their best throughout the year.

One among the many places is Kovalam. Kovalam literally means a groove of coconut trees. Three small beaches combine at this place. The most frequented beach among the three is the southernmost beach, named Lighthouse Beach. It was an angler’s paradise and still has some small villages of the fishing community a few kilometers away. The silver sands and the palm fringed shores of Kovalam are among the best in the world. Tourists take great interest in visiting this place and taking advantage of Ayurvedic rejuvenation and yoga, herbal body tone massages, sun bathing, swimming and catamaran cruising. Catamaran cruises are very famous in Kovalam. Sunrise and sun set cruises in fishing boats are provided by the local fishermen. Angling for deep sea fishing and surf boards and boogie boards has also become famous in Kovalam. Many other marine activities are also possible. Many hotels and resorts in Kovalam offer Ayurvedic massage and treatment which are much sought after by the tourists. Yoga centers are also seen in plenty in this place.