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Travelex card
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Be wary of Travelex.

I recently traveled to Asia and took a Travelex cashcard. What a nightmare. I had a big purchase to make when I got to Malaysia so transferred money onto the card before I left home five working days beforehand to ensure it was there in time (their website states 2 working days to process). When I got to Malaysia the money wasn’t on the card so I had to use my visa. Not happy. When I got back home on May 17 I went to the bank and completed a form to have my money refunded from the Travelex card as I hadn’t been able to use it. I waited a week and no refund so after days of calls to the bank they told me that Travelex had lost the form. I sent another one on June 3 which was supposed to be processed immediately. It is now June 10 and I still don’t have my money back and in the meantime I am now paying very hefty interest charges on my visa account all because Travelex’s processing is so slow that the money wasn’t there in the first place, and now four weeks later I am still waiting for it to be refunded.

Also, when overseas I found the card wasn’t accepted at lots of places because it doesn’t have a security chip that all the new credit cards have.

Terrible service that belongs in the Bronze age.

I would never again consider using a Travelex card – a waste of time and money

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Thanks for letting us know, as this will likely be very helpful for others considering using a Travelex cashcard. and might be interested in your story, too. Both would likely advise you to write brief, polite emails to Travelex customer care, summarizing your experience, and what is needed to rectify the situation. In this case, I’d point out any guarantees, warranty, or service promises from Travelex’s website or brochures you might have, and give them the opportunity to make it right—which would mean covering any interest charges or cc fees you can prove to them. At the least, they should refund. Please keep us posted if you go further with it.