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traveling to the Benelux next summer
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Hey everyone! so my friends and I are graduating high school next year and decided we wanted to plan a EuroTrip. We were going to hit up 7 countries in about 20 days, but decided that we would prefer visiting a few countries to limit traveling and to really “explore” the country.

So, we chose to go to Holland and Belgium. We’ve already have an estimated trip cost, based on flight, hotels, and rail (we decided that buying a ten day Benelux pass would be the best), and we’re planning on staying in Haarlem for six days and Brussels for six days because we thought it would be cheaper to stay at a main hotel and then take the rail to smaller towns for short day trips. Is that the most inexpensive way to explore the Benelux?

Also, I read on another post that we should bring about 75 dollars to spend on food per day- which adds up to an extra 1000 dollars. Is 75 dollars (about 55 Euros) really a good amount to spend per day? The hotels provide cheaper breakfasts, and we’re planning on eating prob a small lunch and a bigger dinner (or the opposite) and drinking a good bit, so we want to know about how much is a good amount to spend per day…

Also, this is kind of an unrelated question but I don’t feel like posting another post… I understand that Brussels and other bigger cities have their own rail system, that’s not included in the Benelux rail pass is it? If it isn’t, should we purchase a Brussels rail pass or would that be a waste of money? We’re not going to for Amsterdam as we are not staying there and Brussels would be the only place it would be needed.

We’ve never done a Europe Trip before on our own and would really appreciate any help! thanks! =]