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Traveling with too many people?
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I am traveling in a group of 5 to europe (possibly 6). This seems to be an issue when it comes to accommodation. Is my traveling group too big? We all want to experience together and are great friends so we don’t want to split up. But maybe it won’t be a bad idea to let a 6th friend join and sleep 3 in each room at hotels as it is more convenient? Let me know what you think please!!! Any help is appreciated…

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You’re planning to “experience” Europe in a hotel room? Most European hotel rooms are very small — you’ll sleep in your room, but probably won’t spend a lot of time there otherwise. Split into 2 and 3 for rooms, or stay in hostel dorms where you can often all be in the same room and may have others with you, too. I would not add another to a group that’s already pretty large for traveling just to have an even number UNLESS having an extra person means you’re more likely to split up for sightseeing as well as sleeping.

5 is a pretty large group for doing everything together. Plan to split up into singles at least part of the time — you’ll have a better time and are more likely to still be friends when you get back if you aren’t crammed together 24/7.

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Accommodation wise I think you should be fine. Most of the big cities I’ve been to offered dorm style rooms that can accommodate six or more. Otherwise splitting into smaller groups shouldnt be a problem – and if you can somehow pull it off, you can even sneak everyone into one room. My friends and I squeezed over ten people into one suite once before. For sightseeing, dont be surprised if you break up into smaller groups though especially if people have very different ideas about how they want to travel. Just make sure you have meeting points, and do some things together like lunch or dinner. Does that help???

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So it seems like a good time for a travel tune-up… a refresher course on keeping it cheap in Europe. Great tips! Smile
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