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A Tricky Trip
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I have a summer trip in mind that would originate and end in CPH.

In between, I want to visit NYC, Bar Harbor ME, Memphis TN, Boulder CO and LA.

One part of the trip would be on an open jaws ticket from CPH to the East Coast and from LA back to CPH, OR the other way around.

I think i’d handle the in-between destinations (Bar Harbor, Memphis, Boulder and LA) via separate tickets (realizing i’d have to rent a car from someplace on the East Coast – Boston or Portland ME to get to and from Bar Harbor).

Here’s an example CPH-NYC and LAX-CPH on the open jaws. Then, car from Boston to Bar Harbor and Back, followed by Boston-Memphis flight, then Memphis-Denver flight and finally Denver to LAX. I suspect the Memphis to Denver flight is a long one, while I’ve flown Denver to LAX before.

Can you figure out a generally cheaper route based on your knowledge, Don.

For example is an open jaws any cheaper if my first stop is on east coast (BOS or NYC) or LAX? In the first case I would go E-W in the US; in the other W-E.

Should I consider a NYC landing and then fly to Portland ME round trip (+ rental car from Portland) instead of a Boston landing + rental car all the way up to Bar Harbor? (Maybe I have answered my own question).

Anyway, any tips you could give me to do further research this trip regarding routing would be of great help.

Mac in Denmark

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Hej Mac. Just noticed your post. Hopefully not too late if this helps.

My first hunch would be do it just as you thought — Trip 1 CPH>NYC and LAX>CPH open-jaw. I think Norwegian are on this now which should keep the price more reasonable. Then do Trip 2 BOS>MEM>DEN>LAX as a separate multi-city flight search. Be sure to also check Southwest on these as they do not show up on other search engines.

I’d use Momondo. For US flight segments, I’d also check Could try it both ways—i.e. start with LAX first—while you’re there.