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UK Working Visa
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Hi all,
Im a 19year old Australian looking to work in England for 3 months beginning July 20th. I have been told that it is really easy to get a job if your an aussi who is just looking for a basic pub job (I already have bar course cert) and will put up with cr*p conditions.
I have been looking at getting a UK holiday working visa but am having trouble. It is basically imposible for me to get out of work to go visit the place where you apply for one for various reasons, and the phone number you can use to call them requires you to pay $5US on credit card before you can speak to anyone and I dont have access to a credit card.
The price of the Visa is going from about $140 US to $400 US as of April 1st. Can anyone tell me why this is? I am unable to get to the Visa place before that date and now cannot afford to get a Visa (as im on a tight budget)
So at this point im screwed and think I will just risk working cash in hand jobs in England.
Is this posible?
how posible is it to do?
is there a good chance ill be kicked out of the country and sent home?
has anyone done this before that can give me advice?
and are there any employees of cash in hand jobs that want a fit, health, loyal worker to work for them for 3 months beginning June 20th?
I would appreciate all comments and hope that the English government dont read this and track me down haha!
Many Thanks all

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