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For when there is no time to wash them wear the inside-out!!! No one will know, it’s better than having lots of clothes in your heavy backpack then you will have a hurt spineFrown
The less the better Wink

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That’s gross.
As an alternative to bladder infections, why not instead invest in a pair of synthetic, fast-drying knickers?
They saved me last time I was travelling…
So I’m in Cuenca, Ecuador, this quaint, conservative city in the mountain region. Unbeknown to me, everything in this city closes at 1pm on Saturday, and everyone takes a long weekend until monday morning. …Ok, so not everyone. But a lot of people do. Including the laundromat. The laundromat where 10 of my 12 pairs of underwear are (I like to be prepared).
So I now have two pairs of underwear. For two weeks. two weeks where there will be no more laundromats.
I went running to my spanish teacher (who didn’t speak English). You can imagine how that conversation went… “The laundromat is closed. And all my underwear is inside.”

Long story shorter, I was saved by the one pair of knickers that were not on me or locked in the bowels of that damned laundromat. The synthetic, fast drying ones. The ones that dried in 2 hours instead of two days.

By the end of that trip, I was a pro at washing things by hand.
Those 8 dollars were the best overly cautious, ridiculously nerdy dollars I ever spent.

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Underware we dont need no stinkin underware

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Personally I wouldnt turn my underwear inside out but, whats the problem with simply waching them in a sink and let them dry overnight?No need of special underwear to do that…