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Unusual credit card size/shape
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Maybe my question here is a bit weird. Are European people still don’t get used with mini / unusual shape of credit card? And that all transactions must use regular size of credit card? Even if this unusual credit card has chip on it? because I have 3 credit cards, 2 has unusual shape (one is Tazmania Devil shape and the other one is mini card).

Last year, I bought some tickets online using mini credit card. I had to show the credit card + e-ticket on train but the BAHN officer didn’t believe that it was a REAL credit card, he was yelling in German (which I don’t understand at all). He and another officer moved me to the connection between railway coaches, where I have to sit on the floor and people were looking at me as if I were a thief or something Frown I forced him to swipe the card to his machine on his waist, finally he tried and it worked. He didn’t even say sorry just leave and point to my seat to get back sit there.

Now, all of credit card has credit limit, I cannot use just one credit card when traveling. Please advice. thanks!

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I’ve never heard of these “mini” credit cards, except for the credit card keychains. Altough I am aware of normal-sized and normal-looking credit cards with a chip (I think only AmEx has them?). Anyways, my advice would be to use just the one normal credit card, or at least only use it in situations where you may have to show your credit card again later as proof of purchase or identity (like buying train tickets, or making hotel reservations). And check into an internet cafe every 8-10 days to pay your balance online so that you never reach your credit limit. You do have money in the bank, right? And have you ever paid your credit card bills online? And how large (or small) is your credit limit on your normal-shaped credit card?