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The gimpy little profile pictures were starting to annoy me, so I have improved that functionality.

Now when you upload a profile picture, the regular display (in the forum and your profile) will be and 85×85 pixel image (the hasn’t changed). However, now this image will be square. So if you upload an image that is 120×90, it will scale it so the shorter side is 85 pixels and then it will crop the edges so the image is 85×85 pixels square.

The other main thing that I changed, is now you can see a full sized image (well, up to 480×480 pixels) in each users profile. So if you go to a users profile and then click on their picture, it will overlay a full sized, uncropped version of their picture (you can check out my profile for example).

Since the first time you uploaded your profile picture, the image was resized down to 85×85, you will have to upload the picture again to take advantage of the new full sized profile picture.

To update your profile picture, click here to edit your profile and then upload a new picture…

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