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Voltage Converters
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Hi, I am traveling to London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris and Rome this fall and I will need to charge my digital camra while I am there. I believe the charges on my camera reads 110V/ 230V, but I am reading that may places are 240V. Any news on this.
I picked up a converter, and it is an all in one/ UK and Europe and now I am reading it may not work well as the outlets are sunken in many apartments and hotels. What would you advise, can I get an adapter to connect to the European/UK side of the converter so it fits into the outlet.
Let me know, I am confused as to what is needed.
If you have any info it would be great.

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In London, there are 2 different kinds of electrical outlets and I had purchased adapters and convertors from MCI which are still better than the one that RadioShack sells. For each country I visited, I had a different one. I normally travel with them whereever I go.
Radioshack has one of its kind which does not allow a three plug with the round top go in London. They have 4 different ones which they claim can be used most of the countries in Europe, however they are only meant for 2 plug cords.
I also bought a few adapters in the 1 pound store which are all over London and they seem to be working ok. I noticed on my return that they are selling adapters in the airport.

I am leaving from US and traveling for 11 days
London, Brussels, Basel, Paris, London
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You shouldn’t need a converter for your camera charger.  220 volts is the standard everywhere in Europe — 240 volts is the maximium variance from that.  Just watch the charger and unplug it as soon as it’s charged or if it seems unusually hot.  You’ll just need adapter plugs.  One for UK and Ireland and a different one for the rest of Europe.  4 piece adapter sets are (include plugs for Asia and South America, too) available at all of the big box stores that sell luggage and travel gizmos.

Does the “2 different kinds” of outlets in London refers to the standard UK 220 volt outlet and 120 volt, low watt “shaver outlet” that’s in the bathroom in many UK hotels? You used to see 5 piece adapter kits that included a shaver outlet adapter plug, but I haven’t seen one in some time and I believe the shaver outlets are becoming increasing rare.

You sometimes run across a grounded outlet (particularly in France) that’s recessed into the wall and occasionally has a ground plug that sticks out of the outlet (designed to fit a hole in the appliance plug).  Some Italian outlets have 3 holes to accomodate a grounded plug.  These shouldn’t be a problem if you’re just using an adapter plug as it will still fit into the outlet.  Your camera charger (assuming the plug is a standard US 2 prong, not a 3 prong grounded plug) isn’t grounded anyway. The recessed outlet is a problem if you’re using a converter as the converter is too big to fit into the recessed outlet.

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I will prefer you to have a consultation with Dallas Electricians. You wont keep a record on your digital camera screen, every time. A digital camera has a very sensitive circuit and if a relatively large current flows in, it will burn the circuitry.