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Want to work abroad but where: France or Italy?
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Hi members,

I recently completed a working holiday trip in the UK and it was all in all a great experience… it’s incited in me a desire to do more of these trips but I feel like time is ticking away and I have to cram as much travelling time into my 20’s as much as possible, as soon as possible. I am currently 24 years old, sans degree. So for the rest of my 20’s I would want to complete my degree while doing as much travelling as humanly possible— that is my goal. I have some questions. Is it true that as you get older it’ll be harder to drop everything (even if you are single without a family) in your life to go work and travel abroad? I’m not talking about how society might view this, but how I may feel towards it myself at 35, for example. Internally I know I’ll feel pressured to stop all this wandering and settle down and be career oriented! No more carefree days!

Second, where do you think I would stand a better chance of finding decent work, if any, in either Italy or France? Both countries appeal to me culturally but as an Asian Canadian female I wonder how easy it will be to land even menial service jobs provided obviously that I speak French/Italian proficiently?

Any thoughts/comments?

Thanks in advance!

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You need a job offer. Employer has to jump through employment regulations, advertise the position with preference first to that country, and 2nd to EU labor pool, and then prove that you are the only suitable candidate. Language proficiency is almost always required before starting. Keep in mind that income taxes and other social benefits taxes can be very high, and are—in most cases—obligatory. Consider your tax rate and living costs for areas you are thinking about.