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What about pounds?
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So, I’m planning to travel in the winter to Europe and I wanna spend two weeks at friend’s houses in London (in january/february 2010). For the others countries I’m planing 35-40 euros per day (without accomodations and transportation beetween cities) but I have ANY idea how much money is the ideal per day in London. I know it’s a really expensive city and how much in euros (or US dollars) do you guys think it’s necessary? (considering I’ll have a really short budget)
thank you and sorry for my bad English (I’m brazilian)

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Having a free place to stay really helps. You’ll probably get to save on food too.

Get an idea of what you want to do. You’ll need train passes, then figure out the cost of special things that you want to do, like going to museums. £50-£60 a day should be ok then add in the special expenses.

Eat the food, use the wrong verbs, and end up getting charged double.

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wherever you are it depends on what kind of food your after and in what areas!! If you want to dine out all the time, in evenings, in a nice area of london then you are going to need a good £20-30 for a meal and a drink. On the other hand, if your happy to look a little wider and even have your bigger meal at lunch times (which are cheaper menus at most places..and, not to mention a better time to consume a large carbohydrates!!) then you can save money that way.

Il be in paris soon at the start of my trip, and im hoping to just buy a big baguette and some meet from a supermarket for lunch each day Smile

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