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What kind of pack??
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I will be leaving in TEN DAYS on a 6+ month trip to New Zealand. I am an eighteen year old rugby player (which is the primary reason I am going there, besides the life experience) and am in top shape to carry any type of equipment.

The Question is:

What kind of luggage should I go for? I was looking at many travel duffel bag type things, and hiking backpacks.

Like I had said, I will be gone for 6+ months. The first two months I will be in one town not traveling too much (I will be playing with a team for their season). After the season is over I plan to start traveling all over New Zealand and seeing everything it has to offer. This traveling will be by car, foot, train, plane, etc.

Any one have any suggestions for what type of backpack I should go for? I will only have a week or so worth of clothes as well as my rugby cleats and equipment. I am also planning on having a hydration pack to fit in there as well..

Can anyone give me some suggestions on good LONG travel packs?