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What Type of Physical Fitness should one do to Prepare for a 6 month European Trip
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I know this doesn’t actually belong in the Packing forums, but i couldn’t find another place to put it. I was wander what kind of physical fitness someone should be in to do a 6 month European Trip. I will be do pretty much all modes of transportation, train, walking, and car. But in the cities i will definitely be walking. So building up to the trip what type of physical fitness should i do to prepare for it?

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I’m not exactly super fit but after about a week of climbing stairs and walking blocks and blocks, you kind of get used to it. You may be a little upset that first week though. I spent a month in Paris last summer living in a dorm on the 5th floor without an elevator and eventually climbed the stairs on the eiffel tower, notre dame bell tower, and the arc de triomphe and doing ALOT of walking, by the end of the month.

I think just building up endurance is your best bet.

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I walk about 2 1/2 miles a day. That’s about right in terms of fitness level for general travel if you’re not carrying too much gear. Adding some time climbing stairs (both up and down) and some time carrying your fully loaded pack to a regular walking routine should have you in great shape. “On your feet” exercise is best. Besides tons of walking you’ll spend time waiting in lines and wandering through museums, churches, castles — tough on the knees and back for me.

I’m with Kayling — if you aren’t in shape when you leave home you probably will be in shape after a week.

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Brings back a memory of my first real backpacking Euro trip. Arriving in Paris for the first day we immediately set out and ended up walking mile’s and mile’s around all the major site’s without stopping until we got to the next one as if it was our last chance to see all the major attraction’s before a giant tornado was ready to swallow them all up. The next mourning of course my legs were agony despite being fairly fit and healthy. By the end of the first week though we had settled into a more natural pace and found walking from breakfast to falling in to bed in the early hours to be no problem at all.

So yeah as other’s said you will get use to it just don’t be a hyperactive idiot like I was. The only real tip is to walk if possible at home rather than use transport for local trips.

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If you use the lift, go the stairs. and try to walk everywhere if you can. You won’t need to be in peak physical condition but you will no doubt need a bit of muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

If you are worried about not being fit enough, go for an early morning or late arvo jog to get yourself into condition. But you really shouldnt be too worried about it. Or fill up your backpack and go for a 2-3km walk if your going to be walking a lot with your pack. This will sort of wear the pack in as well as doing that exercise.

But that brings me back to my recent trip to Paris (I had about 2-3 hours to kill before my CS host was gonna be back) so I got in at about 8 and trekked from the Louvre to the Arc. Amazing and spectacular. But my god on a busy night and carry a backpack it does take it out of you.

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Before all of my trips I make sure to get out and go for a few long walks or hikes on the weekend with my backpack before I leave. I’ve got a good State Park right next to me, and I’ll grab my pack and go for a light hike. It’s helped me out a lot.

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