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When to use my select pass
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Hey all

3 of us are planning a Eurotrip for this summer….we will be flying Space A (military travel) into Kaiserslautern Germany. Our trip is linked below


We understand that we need to by the 8 day 5 country select, but when would we use that? To my understanding, the only time we wouldnt use it would be for our trips to and from Czech

Kaiserslautern -> Amsterdam-select pass

Amsterdam -> Berlin-Select

Berlin->prague -select or point to point/Austria pass?

Prague > Munich select or point to point/Austria pass?

Munich ->Venice-select

Venice-> Interlaken-Select



I hope that I am not totally off here. We will be traveling on early am trains that will get us there around noon most of the time…this way we will have 2.5 days and 3 nights in each city (we added an extra day to venice because munich to venice is a longer than normal train ride)

Thanks a lot all and I appreciate your help


PS I know that this is the transpo forum, but any advice on where we should put our extra day?

I am leaving from Kaiserslautern with $4000 for 26 days
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You have an 8 day pass and and list 8 trips. Why wouldn’t you use the pass for all of them — you’ve already paid for it? You just need to buy tickets for the portions of the trip in countries your pass doesn’t cover. Just the portions between the Czech border and Prague, right? I would buy both these tickets at the train station in Berlin. It will probably be easier there as all the German ticket agents are required to speak English. You might save a couple of dollars by buying the Prague to border ticket for the trip back to Munich at the station in Prague.

Take the overnight train from Munich to Venice or look for a cheap flight for this leg. then cut a day from Venice. You can also take an overnight back to Switzerland, but it won’t get you specifically to Interlaken — you have to make some connections in Switzerland. I would add your extra day to any of your stops — probably Paris, for a day trip to Versailles or spend an extra day for a scenic day trip in Switzerland. I wouldn’t add an extra stop, as I’d rather stay in one place and do more day trips.