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Where has the best nightlife ??
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Me and about 15 other lads are planning on going on holiday after exams but dont no where to go ?? Were all about 18 – 19 and jus dont want to be stuck somewhere boring ??
We want to go somewhere with: – a good nightlife… mad as possible – a beach – sunny weather – CHEAP ( very important ) – and jus general crack fun banter yano – in Europe preferibly .. plane tickets outside EU cost a alot

Any suggestions about where to go would be great,

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Florence has my favorite nightlife for that age, and the beach is a 30 min train ride.
If you wanna go somewhere which is a beach town, check out the Island of Corfu, off of Greece, probably the best beeches ever

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I would say a greek island, or barcelona, or if you want something else you can do Bulgaria. Black sea resort, cheap drinks, and hot girls.

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Malia in Crete. I went to Kavos in 2009 which is really good but Malia is just the most mad place ever. It’s all British people there, great clubs, cheap drinks, fairly cheap overall, girls goin mad, decent beach (watersports), fantastic weather and you are guaranteed a proper lads holiday.

I went for a week and am definately going back there one day.

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Barcelona and Ibiza are amazing nightlife, I can’t imagine a place madder than Ibiza. Montreal may be an option although will be more expensive to get there. I thought the nightlife in Florence was terrible to be honest, but that’s my opinion. Berlin and Prague have excellent nightlife but wouldn’t fulfill the beach request. I’m not familiar with the Grecian islands but I hear Mykonos and Ios are pretty crazy, as well as spots in Crete.

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I think pairs is best for nightlife. because i went to pairs in 2007 and its place realy very hot and Enjoy full,