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Where to Stay in Loch Ness / Inverness for a day ?
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Hello everyone – so our trip is nearing full materialisation Smile ( fingers crossed ) and needed your expert advise on where to stay in the Inverness / Loch Ness area – being completely new to this area , we wanted to stay at a safe place , affordable , clean accommodation preferably somewhere near the loch or a scenic place , but at the same time not too far off from the good things ( read : nightlife ) . As there are just the 2 of us , our budget is between 30-50 pounds a night , preferably with breakfast ! We are planning to hire a car and drive around so commuting is not such an issue . Any recommendations of some good places in and around the kind of place we are looking at ? The websites offer huge ammount of options and it gets so confusing that its back to start
Look forward to hearing from you all !

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There’s a pretty good hostel in Inverness called Inverness student hotel. You can find it here: http://scotlandstoph…
I stayed in a dorm for 15 pounds a night, but I THINK you can hire a double private room for about 45. The hostel provides breakfast in the morning for 2 pounds. You’ll have to email them directly about the private rooms though.

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Places to stay in Inverness…