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Hi there. I’m Vinko and I am a new user. I just joined today and I see a little bug.
The bug I noticed is that my username appears 4 times in the who’s online box when it should only display once.

I’m no expert in drupal but I do some web developing. This is what I think is going on:

Throughout the day I have been coming to the site to see what’s around since I am new.
Sometime when I leave i press logout. But other times I just close my browser. If a leave without pressing logout, my name remains in the list and when I log back in it appears again. I guess I closed the browser 3 times without pressing logout.

On the websites that I made in which a user must login, I use session varaibles, so when the browser is closed, the session is terminated. If your system keeps track of who’s online by storing the name in a list (Database) when they login (and removing it when they logout) you may want to change the system. It is just an idea and I hope this is fixed soon.

I love the site.


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I know this bug exists, but I am not sure how I want to deal with it yet, so I have not killed it. Here is what is happening.

If you log in on one computer and don’t log out, then go to a different computer and log in, then you will show up twice. Also, if you open Firefix and IE and you log in on both, you will have separate sessions as well, so you will show up twice.

This is actually intentional functionality because I want to allow users to close their browser and then come back and open the browser and go to and still be logged in. This allows the users who check the site a lot from work to be able to check stuff quickly and then just close the browser and come back again later without having to worry about their boss coming by and always having eurotrip up. Wink

Since I don’t really want to kill the session if they close the browser, I have not fixed that little bug. Thanks for pointing it out. If you have more comments or suggestions, please let me know. I am always looking to improve the functionality of the site.


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