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Why Pack Light
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So I’ve been reading all these threads about packing light, light, light, light. Under 25lbs so on and so forth. I’ve hiked up some of the biggest mountains and hills I can think of 10 miles plus and done it with 50 to 60 lbs and been perfectly happy and fine. I don’t understand what the issue is. Although I’m not entirely sure what my pack will end up weighing but I’m only bringing a 2 outfits and sleeping clothes one pair of leather black shoes a hat sunglasses toiletries sleeping bag and tent incase i decide to camp rather that rent a room, a small tablet pc, guide book and a few other really minor things perhaps an umbrella and definitely a coat.

So the reason for this post is to ask why should you pack light if you can carry the weight comfortably is there some other reason. My plan is to lock up my pack in lockers or rooms and use my small messenger bag to take my important documents and day pack things.

I am leaving from Honolulu with $8000 for 36 days
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If you’re comfortable toting it, it’s a reasonably compact package, and you can get it on the flight to Athens (often a cheaper and better option than train-ferry-train) without paying overweight fees, then go for it. Some considerations..

1. Bulk is a hassle as well as weight. You’re going to spend time on packed subways, commuter trains and buses just getting to your hostel. It’s a hassle if your gear doesn’t fit on the overhead rack on the train or in the locker at the hostel.

2. 50 lbs is generally the limit for transAtlantic flights and about 33 for intra-Europe flights. Overweight fees are outrageous.

3. I would not carry camping gear unless I intended to camp most of the time, but if you think it’s worth it…