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working in the Lake District, UK
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This is actually a reply to Marianne´s (pepper´s) post under the topic ´bank account in the UK´-although we would appreciate any information anyone could tell us about working in that area.

Hi Marianne,
I cant tell you how glad I am I found your post here, i.e someone who has actually been to Lake District and worked there. This is exactly what me and a friend of mine are planning to try and do in the middle of March.
I was wondering whether you would mind answering some of my questions.
How hard it actually was to get a job there? Did you secure a job before you arrived e.g over a telephone interview or did you just travel around in that area and needed to find work? I have heard so many different versions of how much people have earned, but if it is not a secret and if you don’t mind answering, could you please at least narrow it down to a certain weekly wage…it would help me a lot if I could at least hear it from a person who has actually worked in that area. What kind of a job did you have? Do they normally require previous experience in that field of work ( I mean previous work in hostels, hotels etc?)
By what you wrote about having a bank account in the UK I assume that the work is not under the table, did you have a written contract with your employer? Is it all OK or is there something I need to consider when signing it, is there maybe anything peculiar about contracts in the UK?
Besides a passport did your employer require any other documentation from you, any recommendations, anything of that sort?

I am really looking forward to your reply.
Thank You!!