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Worried about backpacking inventory
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Hi, I was reading over the “what you cannot bring to the UK” lists and I saw that I may be questioned over some of my items. Here is a partial list of what I have… what precautions should I take?

– Folding (locking knife)
– Hatchet
– Tent
– normal camping gear (pack, sleeping pad, bivy bag, etc.)

I have a little while to prepare for this, I leave the second of March.

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Just don’t bring them on carry on — a hatchet may make them a bit nervous if you bring it into the cabin.

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Haha yeah… as long as you give them your bags at the airline counter you’re fine. Anything pointy isn’t gonna be allowed in carry-on, but I assume you knew that already Smile

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hi there.
well id say your camping equipment will be fine and also your lock knife just put it in your main bag not your carry on.
the hatchet,im not sure,they are alot stricter over here in the UK now.when i went to Australia 18 months ago,i took a swiss army knife in my main bag but i wouldnt attempt to take a big knife or i probubly wouldnt here either.
better be safe than sorry.
hope this helps