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Balkan Boogie

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Tired of Western Europe? Want to venture out to the lesser explored former communist states? The Balkan Boogie gives you a view into the vibrant, dramatic and very much alive countries of the Balkans.

Your trip begins with a flight into Bucharest, Romania. Stay for a few days and take in the massive, not-so-charming but ultra-real city before boarding a train to Veliko Tarnovo. As you ride the rails through Bulgaria gaze at the vast yellow seas of sunflower fields that consume the landscape and, before you know it, through the mountains and jagged cliffs, the train settles in a valley that calls one of the most beautiful cities in Bulgaria home. Spend a few days relaxing and enjoying the outdoors before heading to Plovdiv — a chill city with a great nightlife and good people. Get to know the small city while enjoying the beer gardens and clubs until the wee hours.

Next, head to Belgrade, Serbia — the stern city with a serious disposition. While the faces are suspicious, the nightlife is second to none as you dance the night away in the dozens of floating clubs along the river. Take in the sites during the day and make your way on the slow eight hour train to Sarajevo in the morning.

Don’t let the history of this persecuted city fool you: it is now more alive than anywhere else in the Balkans! The people are friendly, the nightlife fun and the history second to none. While in Sarajevo, be sure to soak up as much of the historical exhibits as you can and you will certainly shed a tear. But the the true beauty lies in the mix of cultures that so staunchly opposed their foes and banded together to create a multifaceted city that welcomes all. The fascinating city of Mostar is your next stop and the perfect way to end your time inland.

Finally, off to your last last country — Croatia! Quickly becoming as popular and expensive as Western Europe, the cities of Croatia are a string of pearls along a gorgeous Adriatic coast. First, Dubrovnik will take your breath away with its walled in city standing majestically on the water. Swim off the city walls with the locals and take a stroll along the top of the wall. Next, take a ferry to Hvar and relax for a few days in this super cool Island paradise. After, head to Split for some serious parties and a great beach. Finally, end your trip in Zagreb and party until you, sadly, have to make you way to the airport.

To experience the Balkans is to experience a cross section of people and history that have shaped Europe. While its post-communist roots have left a scar on many of its cities, they are more vibrant than ever as they wake up from a long sleep of hardship. So, get some friends, pack your bags, and boogie your way through the Balkans!

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I leave in Bucharest and I have to say that you have to book hotels , not hostels.In my country hostels looks very bad , so if you want good conditions you better search for a 1 or 2 stars hotel .

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I would totally disagree. I’ve been to some wonderful hostels in the Balkans. Sure there are some crappy hostels, but those are everywhere.