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Why Oslo? Bergen is a better glimpse of Norway, in my opinion. Have you already booked flights? If not, consider Icelandair to Bergen instead, get out to Voss and Flam, then train onward to Oslo. I would be bored out of my mind with more than 1 night in Oslo.

Unless you want a stop in Gothenburg, consider the overnight ferry between Oslo and Copenhagen—instead of train. DFDS ferry departs 5pm, arrives next morning 9am.

Note: Icelandair allow stopovers in Iceland for no additional airfare as long as you book it that way from the beginning. If you book and then later decide you want the stopover, it will cost you a change fee ($200?) + any additional airfare.

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Sorry for the late response. I didn’t know I had a message on here.

Thank you for all your suggestions. Smile

I only put Oslo for those three days because I didn’t want Eurotrip planner to tell me my trip wasn’t feasible. :$

I’ll be flying to Bergen from Iceland (booked from the beginning, so I don’t pay extra Smile), staying there on the 19th, taking Norway in a Nutshell (but done on my own, not with the company), then heading to Oslo. I wanted to spend another night on Sognefjord, but I don’t know where (Voss? Flam? I know Flam is pretty expensive Frown). But that also means that I’d have to take an early morning train on the 21st (because I don’t want to miss the scenery by taking a night train) to Oslo and would have 4 or so hours in Oslo before taking the ferry (Oslo to Copenhagen). Alternatively, I would take the train back to Oslo on the 20th and arrive in Oslo around 22:00, but I’d get a few more hours in the city the next day before taking the ferry. I really don’t know what to do.

Why do you find Oslo so boring?